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UPDATED – Strike Updates and Information

Below is the latest information on the strike for MES students who are members of CUPE 3903. Please continue to check this post regularly as the contents will be updated as new information becomes available.


Post-strike FAQ for students, Unit 1, 2, and 3


From: J.C./D.R. [3903 Main Gate Facebook Page]

Strike Pay:

ATTENTION **You will not be able to qualify for strike pay for the duration of the strike if you have not completed the following** CUPE National takes over strike pay after 10 days of strike (beginning this Friday March 13); they will only continue to pay those members who have registered in those first 10 days. Registering means (1) completing min. one 4-hr picket shift and signing in and out (or your agreement for alt duties) AND (2) registering for payroll by signing the Strike Pay Application form (found on the picket line or strike HQ). Registering can be on the picket line or by emailing (if you require alt duties). For concerns about strike pay email Sharmeen Khan at

When CUPE National takes over strike pay, there will be a change to the required hours for eligibility. In the first 10 days members were paid for any amount of hours they completed. As of Friday March 13, members are required to work 20 hrs/wk (4-hr shifts 5 days per week or alt duties as agreed). CUPE local 3903 is advocating on behalf of members for more flexibility, however, at the time of this post publication this is the policy.


Strike Hardship Fund Call-Out

The strike hardship fund is intended to offset any hardship incurred by the strike by supplementing strike pay. This could include, but is not limited to, funds for winter clothing, to help cover the cost of transportation and/or childcare for the strike, funds for food, rent, etc. if your pay has decreased. You will need to briefly include your reasons for applying and basic financial information, employment and strike information.

Each member can get a maximum of $500. The funds are limited and will be distributed based on need.

How to Apply:
To apply, fill out the application form here – Strikehardshipfundapplication – and email it to or drop it off at Strike Head Quarters: 45 Four Winds Drive, Unit D.

Please send any inquiries to

Source of information:


From J.C.

A few updates from the picket lines:

1) If you’re finding main gate too intense for whatever reason, you’re welcome to picket at Chimneystack or Founders, which are both smaller and quieter. Just show up, sign in and out there.

2) If you’re dealing with any trauma as a result of the strike, there is someone you can talk to (a past 3903 member who is a counselor). Email equity officer Sheila Wilmot to get connected.


For more information on the strike, visit



Why are members of CUPE 3903 on strike? March, 2015

Statement from GESSA on the Strike

As the Graduate Environmental Studies Students Association (GESSA), we stand in support of the current labour actions taking place here at York and at the University of Toronto. We respect the union’s legal right to strike and their efforts to improve working conditions, ensure equity, and allow its members to earn a livable wage for their valuable work and contributions  to the University.

In Solidarity,