GESSA Emergency Student Loan Program

Dear MES Students,
Due to various circumstances related to the strike some of you may currently be in need of temporary financial assistance. GESSA is trying to assess this need and may be able to implement an Emergency Student Loan Program. However, due to the limited funds available to GESSA we would like to know how many students are in need and how much is required. Please note that this does not guarantee a loan but would rather allow us to asses whether we are able to provide this service and to what extent. Please bear in mind that this is a short-term loan that we would provide to only those students in serious need of immediate financial assistance, and only to help you meet your crucial expenses that may be due immediately.
Please email GESSA by 8am on Thursday March 2 with the information indicated below (held in strict confidence). We will have a response to  your communication with the decision by 12pm on Thursday March 2.
1. Brief summary of your situation
2. Amount(s) required and purpose(s)
3. Date you require the amount(s)
4. Schedule for repayment (i.e. amount(s), date(s), and the source(s) of income)
Please send your communication to