FES Speaker Series

In case you missed the emails, FES is hosting a fascinating speaker series entitled Navigating the Anthropocene, described here:

maxresdefaultHumankind is overwhelming and degrading the Earth’s life support systems on which all life depends. Much of the Earth’s fresh water is contaminated, in short supply and subject to competing claims. The Earth’s climate is undergoing irreversible changes that raise stark questions of environmental justice. In short, Earth has entered a human-dominated epoch that many scientists refer to as the Anthropocene. Yet, prevailing social and political norms continue to rely on thought systems that insufficiently account for current knowledge of how human society interacts with and affects Earth’s life systems.

The schedule is tentative but certainly worth marking down in your calendar!

Tentative Schedule: (all events to be held in HNES 140)

 Vandana Shiva

October 22, 12:30PM Р2:30PM  

Food Justice

November 10th or 17th

Sheila Watt Cloutier

January 26th

Economics and Environment – Peter Victor and Tim Jackson

February 23rd

Planning in the Anthropocene – Jennifer Keesmat, David Miller, Roger Keil.

March 22 or 29