GESSA Lounge Room HNES 204

GESSA manages the GESSA Lounge  – room HNES 204. This room is exclusively for the use of MES students.

The shared space includes, work tables, chairs, couches, coffee tables, mini fridge, microwave, noticeboard, a phone and chalkboard. A door entry code is required to access this room; MES students can obtain the code by contacting GESSA* (

The GESSA lounge is cleaned out by GESSA on Thursday Mornings – this means any food items in the fridge will be thrown out and any belongings will be taken to the lost and found located at the FES computer help desk on the second floor of the HNES building .

Please keep this room tidy as cleaning staff do not check this room for garbage and therefore it is up to the students to maintain the order of the room.

We hope to make some changes to this shared space in the future – so keep an eye out in our newsletter for proposal submissions to improve our lounge!

*Note: due to security concerns the GESSA lounge code was recently changed on September 1st 2015. Email from your Yorku account to get the new code.