Join the Gessa Executive!

We are currently accepting applications for the GESSA Executive team! See below for the description of positions that are available. Roles begin in January 2017.

If you are interested, email with your name, year of program and statement of interest stating which role you are interested in and why.


Description of GESSA Officer Positions:

External Officer
• Organizes and coordinates student representation on all Faculty committees requiring MES representation
• Facilitates communication of student representatives on Faculty committees to the rest of the Association
• Talk to OSAS – finding first year rep; find reps for councils;

Communications Officer
• Designs posters for events, elections and anything else that GESSA administers
• Administers the website and e-mail
• Administers GESSA Facebook page
• Works with the Internal Officer and Social Coordinator on marketing for the Association
• Talks to OSAS – list serv emails
• Writes copy for all email and social media postings

Social Coordinator
• Responsible for coordinating social events throughout the year
• Planning teamwork building exercises and events for the Executive
• Coordinate with the Student and Alumni Resource Centre (SARC)

Advocacy Officer
• Primary point of contact for students with any academic or equity issue related to the Association or York University
• Provide resources for student to other campus and mediation bodies and equity services
• Interacts with students and faculty to work on improving student issues at FES
• Serve as the representative on the Faculty Equity Committee