FES Committee Reps

Get Involved!

MES students have the ability to represent student interests on many different committees. In September, we ask for students to indicate their interest to sit on any committee as a representative for GESSA and MES students. They are to act on behalf of the student population and GESSA

The following is a list of committees that have MES student representation, as well as the number of positions and if they are available:

  • York Senate (1 position)
  • Graduate Student Association YUGSA (2 positions) – FILLED for 2015/16
  • FES Faculty Council (12 positions)
  • Committee of Instruction (1 position)
  • MES Program and Curriculum Subcommittee (2 positions)
  • MES/JD Program Subcommittee (1 position)
  • Planning Program Subcommittee (1 position) MUST BE IN PLANNING PROGRAM
  • Tenure and Promotions (1 position)
  • Faculty Appointments Advisory (2 positions)
  • Appeals Committee (1 position)
  • Research Committee (1 position)
  • Equity Committee (1 position) – FILLED for 2015/16
  • Undergrad Program and Curriculum (1 position)

Descriptions of committee positions can be found here: GESSA Short Description of Council and Committees

For a description of the Senate position, please contact Lisa Dennis (Administrative Assistant, Faculty Governance) at ldennis@yorku.ca.

If you would like to be a MES representative on any of the above Committees or should you require more information about the positions please contact:

GESSA Advocacy Officer at gessa.advocacy@gmail.com or Lisa Dennis (Administrative Assistant, Faculty Governance) at ldennis@yorku.ca