We are currently looking for people to be on the GESSA Executive team! See below for description of the roles that are available.

If you are interested, please fill out the application form stating which role you are interested in and why by December 7th, 2018. The roles will begin in January 2019.

Description of GESSA Officer Positions

Chair of Association

  • Presides over all meetings and leads the Executive.

  • Votes only in the event of a tie and does not make motions during meetings.

  • Sits or nominates another executive member to sit on external bodies requiring GESSA representation including: the Student Representative Roundtable of the Vice-President Students; the Faculty of Environmental Studies Executive Council; the Faculty of Graduate Studies Council; and another other bodies that require representation.

  • Responsible for the well-being and function of the GESSA Executive.

VP/Finance Officer

  • Prepares the budget and oversees its allocation.

  • Responsible for all financial matters of the Association.

  • Administers the funds of the Research and Travel Fund on the advice of the RTF Officer.

  • Maintains the Association’s books and accounts.

  • Controls expenses and financial records.

  • Conducts a fall full audit and a winter interim audit.

  • Coordinates with the Centre for Student Community & Leadership Development (SCLD) which oversees our levy distribution.

  • Primary signer for all Association cheques.

Internal Officer

  • Responsible for coordinating all meetings of the Executive and the Association

  • To organize the meeting dates, to book a room for all meetings, to send out an agenda call 2 weeks prior to each meeting, to send out a meeting reminder 1 week before each meeting, to write minutes and compile them for every meeting, to prepare an attendance sheet for general meetings

  • Responsible for administrative tasks and duties for the Association

  • Oversees the Grad Lounge (HNES 204) and the GESSA office

  • Works with the External Officer on marketing for the Association

External Officer

  • Organizes and coordinates student representation on all Faculty committees requiring MES representation.

  • Facilitates communication of student representatives on Faculty committees to the rest of the Association.

  • Talk to OSAS – finding first year rep; find reps for councils.

Communications Officer

  • Designs posters for events, elections and anything else that GESSA administers.

  • Administers the website and e-mail.

  • Administers GESSA Facebook page.

  • Works with the Internal Officer and Social Coordinator on marketing for the Association.

  • Talks to OSAS – list serv emails.

  • Writes copy for all email and social media postings.

Social Coordinator

  • Responsible for coordinating social events throughout the year.

  • Planning teamwork building exercises and events for the Executive.

  • Coordinate with the Student and Alumni Resource Centre (SARC).

Advocacy Officer

  • Primary point of contact for students with any academic or equity issue related to the Association or York University.

  • Provide resources for student to other campus and mediation bodies and equity services.

  • Interacts with students and faculty to work on improving student issues at FES.

  • Serve as the representative on the Faculty Equity Committee.

Research and Travel Fund Officer

  • Administrator of the Research and Travel Fund program of the Association.

  • Recommends allocation of RTF funds subject to approval by the Executive.

  • Coordinates and adjudicates RTF applications with Finance Officer.

  • Answers questions related to the RTF program.

  • Co-signer for all Association cheques.