About us

Welcome! we are really glad you discover our store, every piece you will see here are the result of our passion and dreams, the combination of our strengths and a lot of work. My name is Larissa and he is my life partner Jorge, we have both been developing our careers very far from our dreams and we decided that it was time to invest in them, we love the result that this has given, each piece is designed and thought for you, we do not want to be another accessory or painting in your life , we are enjoying creating each unique piece for you.
About the scarfs:
Custom printed scarves are the most versatile way to wear art! Tie it to your bag, wear it as a shawl, knot it around your hair, or even hang it on your wall as a more traditional piece of art with a modern touch. These beautiful scarves feature my original artwork, permanently printed and made to last.